Saltwater-powered sports car

februari 24th, 2015 | by Jimmy Alenius
Saltwater-powered sports car

The Quantino concept is a small coupe that is smaller than the other nanoFlowcell Quant E and Quant F concepts. Even though it measures just over 150-feet long, nanoFlowcell says that the concept is an electric vehicle for everyone and has room for up to four passengers. Power is provided by a low-voltage drive system, two ionic liquid storage tanks and four electric motors that generate a total 136 horsepower. nanoFlowcell says that the Quantino can reach speeds up to 124 mph, in addition to its 621 mile driving range.

This new saltwater-powered car is affordable and features an extravagant, unique design. “It is not just a concept vehicle; it will become reality in the course of this year. We will be driving the QUANTiNO in 2015 and we aim to attain approval for road use very quickly,” says Nunzio La Vecchia, chief technical officer for nanoFlowcell.

For more information about nanoFlowcell Quantino, follow this link.


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