Gravity Powered Airplane

februari 23rd, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
Gravity Powered Airplane

The plane uses gravity to travel long distains by just gliding through the air. The plane uses helium to become lighter than air then it lifts off in a vertical direction. There is electric motors on the side of the plane so it can steer. When the plane gets to the point where the air in the plane is as heavy as outside it stops climbing. Then the plane lets out some helium and becomes heavier than the air around it. The plane starts to hang-glide down. It can travel a long distance.

On its way down it sucks in air and compress it so it become even heavier. When the plane had dropped down a lot it starts to use the compressed air to start climb up again to repeat the process.

This make it really cheap to fly. You don’t need any fuel at all. I think this can become the future of airplanes but I am not sure. The only problem is that you hang-glide down and the passengers may feel weird when you drop down like that. But electric engines are clearly the future.


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