Ten-T, the connecting of Europe

mars 2nd, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
Ten-T, the connecting of Europe

The European Union got big plans which are connecting bigger parts of Europe with trains, there tracks planned go from different cities and locations, the longest goes from the Finnish-Russian border and goes via Helsinki, Stockholm and Malmö to the European mainland. After that it continues from Hamburg, Germany to Rostock (also Germany), than after some boats its of on the major traffic flows of east Germany to Hannover. These are plans, and the long-term plan is to shorten the time for fright transport which makes a better economy and easier for your average Joe to get around Europe.

Links: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/infrastructure/index_en.htm http://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/infrastructure/ten-t-guidelines/corridors/scan-med_en.htm

Pic: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/index_en.htm


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