Car Sensors in the future!

mars 2nd, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet

Car Sensors in the future!

You can already find sensors for cars right now and often the detects how close you are from a car or a wall for parking and so on, but with this you can still drive when you are close to a car so basically you have all the control over the car and if you are drunk this will not even help. In the future Volvo have an idea that the will do and the idea is the car have the power to sensor you if you are in danger or maybe close to animals, cars and so on, the sensors that the want to develop in the car the will develop will even be able to know if you are drugged, drunk and so on.  The Volvo is think more out of the box and I think this is a great idea for the future cars!


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