Future safety in a car!

mars 2nd, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet

Future safety in a car!


There are 3 different kinds of airbags in the newer models cars, one on the driver seat and one for the passenger seat you can also find airbags on the sides to. There is of course airbags for the back seats and also side airbags. The passengers and the driver´s airbag and seatbelt combined reduces the damage taken on an accident by 60-70 %. The side airbags reduces the damage taken by 45% on a side crash. The future of airbags is quit fascinating there are different ideas such as getting the airbag to become smarter and detects crashes before it happens and it will loosen up before a crash. The idea is also that the airbag will loosen up in order so you become safer and it will detect the most damage taken and it will loosen up the smart airbags before the crash. EuroNcap will test this year 2015 on a doll and it will detect the safety for the future.



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