Grow your carparts

mars 1st, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
Grow your carparts

Research has shown that bamboo might replace the carbon fibers inside the car. Bamboo is cheap, strong and some species has the ability to grow about 1 meter per day. Since bamboo is light and on the same time strong it could have an impact on the fuel consumption from the cars. Even though bamboo might not be able to replace the carbon fibers in all situations, it still has a chance to give people with a bit worse economy the opportunity to buy a car at a lower price. Bamboo is also friendlier for the environment since it can be grown in the nature without polluting the environment around it.

Who knows? Maybe bamboo cars are just around the corner. Curious and want to find out more about it?  See:

Link to the picture


Written by Phillipe James Togan.

One Comment

  1. Jacob Laving says:

    Interesting to read about natural materials as an option to replace materials like carbons fibers. What I was wondering though was how one would proceed to repair a car like this if it broke ?


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