Self parking cars

mars 1st, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
Self parking cars

Automated parking is a manouver where the car or vehicle parks by itself. It works by connecting sensors in the rear an front, which works as recievers and transmitters. These sensors scan the area for obstacles using signals that bumps at the obstacle and back. It then calculates how the vehicle will have to turn. There’s also cameras that detects obstacles on a longer range, which contributes to how the vehicle sees the enviroment. This feature never got officially released for personal cars, though there is recent progress in the area. In 2015 Bosch is planning to release a fully automated parking system. Everything will be controlled by the cars hardware. Acceleration, breaking, steering and so fourth. A cool feature that they’re adding is that you control the parking from your smartphone using an app.

I definitely think that this could be a huge thing in the future, due to the evolution of self driving cars and so on. If Bosch pulls this project of and it turns out great, I think this will become a really standard add-on in the future.


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