Fly like an insect

mars 1st, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
Fly like an insect

What if you were able to fly just like an insect?
Shrilk is a plastic material that is extremely flexible. This material is made from discarded shrimp shells and proteins derived from silk.
Shrilk is thin, clear, flexible, and strong as aluminum at half the weight. This material could be revolutionary for the flight industry since it would allow airplanes to consume less fuel. The reason to that is because since the wings are heavy the engine has to work harder in order to keep the airplane in the air and on the same time making it go forward. This causes the engine to consume more fuel and the environment and the economy as well are there for affected by this. This material could have a big influence on the future vehicles since it would allow us to create more elastic vehicles or similar stuff.


Click here for more information about this amazing material

Link to the picture


Written by Phillipe James Togan


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