Fuel sipping engines and Econ button

mars 1st, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
Fuel sipping engines and Econ button

This isn’t really that new, since it was put in cars last year, but I think it’s a cool feature. Fuel sipping is an add on to your cars fuel supply. It automatically turns your engine of when your vehicle is stopped to save gas, then turns it on when you release the brake. This makes the fuel intake less which leads to both better economy for the driver, and it contributes to reducing the carbon dioxide release. We are currently in the early stages of these types of engines, but in the future atleast I can definitely see this being used on for example jet engines for passenger planes.

There’s also a thing called the Econ button, which can be located in for example some new Honda Civic models. It is basically a button in your car that enables you to drive more fuel efficiently. It does this by making the throttle response more gradual and even. This button will make your engine last longer without needing to repair it, and also reduce your carbon dioxide release.


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