The Space Elevator

mars 1st, 2015 | by Redaktionen Realgymnasiet
The Space Elevator

The space elevator is like its name presumes a elevator to space. Its a alternative to rockets and if we were to build one it would be very rewarding. This new way of transporting people and cargo in to space could make it a daily event to sending people to space.

If we would want to do this space elevator we would have to built it out of carbon nanotubes. This carbon nanotubes are 10 times stronger then steel and are as flexible as plastic. The problem with this is that we have only manage to make a 30 cm of carbon nanotube.

The cost of a spacecraft launch is approximately $22,000 per kg. With is space elevator the would be reduced to about $220 to $880 per 1kg.


If you would like to know more here are a few sites to visit.

1. Youtube – Space Elevator

2. How space elevators will work.


Ths image i used you can find here!


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